Educational Opportunities

Every year in May, the Sir John Johnson Manor House committee members, Parks Canada officials and KRRNY and War of 1812 re-enactors, hold “A day in the life of the miller’s children”. This education program is for grade 7 students from Char Lan High School. The activities are divided between two venues, the Manor House and the Nor’Wester Loyalist Museum.

The students learn about: carding, spinning, typical shelter for the period, chores children did, the mills and how they worked, and typical foods of from that period. They also learn about the
clothing children wore, the medicines they would take, what their
education was like, the implements with which they would work,
and the games they would play.

They partake in a military demonstration of the war of 1812; and the Loyalist Exhibit, the Nor’Wester (fur traders) and David Thompson map maker/surveyor exhibits are also explained to them.