About The Committee

The Sir John Johnson Manor House Committee is known for hosting multiple events throughout the year, all of which are very community driven and inclusive of different age groups. We host two runs for athletic individuals, our Great Raisin River Footrace and the Chilly Willy Run. There are also the two educational events for some of our Glengarry area schools including the Victorian Christmas and Education Day which highlights life in the late 1700s. On top of this we host our Social events which are inclusive of any age; these include our Annual Summer Social, the Strawberry Festival and Skits. These annual events are highlights for us every year and we hope to continue hosting them in the future.


Moving on with the future we continue to refurbish our beautiful Manor House with the Restoration Project. The official and future goal of the committee is to have people come from around the world to use our archives and space for genealogy research in our spacious reading and research spaces. Those visiting could also stay overnight on the second floor after renovations are complete for a stylish and comfortable stay. People would also be able to use the space simply for overnight arrangements and visiting purposes. This would allow visitors to enjoy the Historic community of Williamstown and surrounding areas, as well as partake in our many events throughout the year.


The Sir John Johnson Manor House Committee