Introducing The Living Archives!

A new feature is coming to the Glengarry Archives of Williamstown which is owned and situated in the Sir John Johnson Manor House, here is a note from the President of our Committee:

“At this time I would like to introduce the Living Archives. This idea is very exciting and I will need your help to create this significant feature.

The Living Archives will be a computer database that will store documents and historical information that committee members, family, friends and community members wish to share with us. Documents will be scanned and will be situated onto one computer which will allow for easy access to everything.

This can be used by visitors who wish to do genealogy research and will be a very useful and unique tool. This falls well into our plans as it is a major benefit for future visitors.


Ellery J Lafave
President of the Sir John Johnson Manor House Committee
And Glengarry Archives”

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