Introducing The Living Archives!

A new feature is coming to the Glengarry Archives of Williamstown which is owned and situated in the Sir John Johnson Manor House, here is a note from the President of our Committee:

“At this time I would like to introduce the Living Archives. This idea is very exciting and I will need your help to create this significant feature.

The Living Archives will be a computer database that will store documents and historical information that committee members, family, friends and community members wish to share with us. Documents will be scanned and will be situated onto one computer which will allow for easy access to everything.

This can be used by visitors who wish to do genealogy research and will be a very useful and unique tool. This falls well into our plans as it is a major benefit for future visitors.


Ellery J Lafave
President of the Sir John Johnson Manor House Committee
And Glengarry Archives”

Urgent Appeal For Funding!

The Sir John Johnson Manor House, important both historically and architecturally, is one of the oldest houses west of the Quebec border and it requires stabilization and restoration. In 2013 the Sir John Johnson Manor House Committee (SJJMHC) submitted a business plan to Parks Canada (PC) (the site owner) to carry out the desperately needed work. In 2015 PC commissioned an engineering study to confirm the project feasibility, and to provide a costing. In 2016 PC approved the project. The project cost is 1.4 million dollars. PC has committed five hundred thousand dollars to the project. The SJJMHC now has to raise nine hundred thousand dollars. When the project is finished the upstairs will have one suite and three bedrooms so people can come and stay in this beautiful historical home. Revenue generated will go to cover operating costs of the site.  Income tax receipts will be provided for donations above $10.00.

Please visit our GOFUNDME page to make your contribution today!

We Are Moving!

Please note! The Sir John Johnson Manor Committee is moving over to the Cletic Hall Of Fame from May 1st until September 30th. Parks Canada will be doing renovations to the house.